Grow the life you want.

Decide What's Important

Grow a tree that reminds you of what's important in life—and why. You choose the areas of life that deserve your focus, attention and time right now.

Discover Your Motivation

Nurture your tree with personalized images, music, motivational messages and connections with supportive friends—whatever inspires you the most.

Take Meaningful Action

Keep your tree green and healthy by taking small actions that support what's important to you, and by building habits that lead to meaningful daily progress.

Screen Shots

Mindbloom Life Game is the fun, simple and effective way for users to improve the quality of their life.

Using a unique combination of behavioral science, personalized rich media, and fun social gaming techniques, Mindbloom takes a deeper approach to personal growth—enabling users to decide what's important, discover what drives them, and take meaningful action in all areas of their life. Users can focus on any area of life—health, relationships, lifestyle, spirituality, finances, career—even creativity.


Grow a Life Tree
Mindbloom uses the metaphor of a tree to represent the “life you want to grow.” The leaves of the tree reflect the different areas of life that matter most to you at the moment.

Take Meaningful Actions
Create a simple action plan that helps you live the life you want. Practice the behaviors that support your intentions, and build new daily habits that lead to meaningful progress.

Track Personal Progress
Stay focused by tracking your personal progress every step of the way. Check off your daily activities and earn achievements as you make progress.

Get Inspired
You can personalize your inspiration with your own photos, music and words. You can also get inspiration from friends, family, and the Mindbloom community.

Connect Through Community
Invite friends to share your journey, post your progress on Facebook or Twitter, and send and receive words of encouragement through powerful social features.

Shop the Market
Spend your seeds on the things that will inspire and help you grow!